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HOTFIX - Kaazing WebSocket Gateway 4.0.9 JMS Edition Hotfix 14 Available For Download Now

Download Kaazing WebSocket Gateway 4.0.9 JMS Edition Hotfix 14 here.

This hotfix is cumulative for all the previous hotfixes from the same patch

List of fixed issues


  Issue: kaazing/tickets#390
    Fixed an issue in the jms authorization module where credential
    checks on revalidate were using the original token.

  Issue: kaazing/tickets#346
    Fixed an issue where a URL was used in the source code which
    causes some security scans to fail.


  Issue: kaazing/tickets#329
    Fixed an issue where Gateway throws an exception: Unexpected frame type
    on Firefox Developer Edition.


  Issue: kaazing/tickets#289
    Provided a featrue to enable encrypt env.java.naming.security.credentials
    in the configuration file.
    (See configuration instructions for more details)

  Issue: kaazing/tickets#266
    Fixed an issue where balancer service was not always rediscovering
    cluster members balance URIs on restart.


  Issue: kaazing/tickets#272
    Fixed an issue to turn off falling back to long polling in
    .Net client via websocket factory property.
    (See configuration instructions for more details)

  Issue: kaazing/tickets#251 
    Fixed an issue where TCP/SSL connections stay open indefinitely
    via system property. (See configuration instructions for more details)


  Issue: kaazing/tickets#227
    Fixed an issue for initial connection failure where
    buffer fills very slowly with new data to read for .NET/Xamarin.

  Issue: kaazing/tickets#241
    Fixed an issue for .NET/Xamarin client closes upstream connection
    forcing full TLS handshake to occur on the next upstream.

  Issue: kaazing/tickets#224
    Fixed an issue of gateway connection leak with WSE client.


  Issue: kaazing/tickets#118
    Fixed an issue in cluster balancer service which prevented
    servers to properly bind and unbind from the service.


  Issue: kaazing/tickets#151
    Fixed an out of memory issue on gateway server.


  Issue: kaazing/tickets#109
    Fix StompMessageEncoder to avoid mutating the message.

  Issue: kaazing/tickets#116
    Log contains exception stack messages "Early termination
    of IO session" and "Network connectivity has been lost".


  Issue: kaazing/tickets#144
    Added a flag in the WebSocket JavaScript client named
    KAAZING_INTERNAL_DISABLE_BLOB in order to disable Kaazing's
    Blob implementation when necessary.


  Issue: kaazing/tickets#103
    Fixed an issue where durable subscriber clients fail to get
    messages after varying lengths of time.


  Issue: kaazing/tickets#81
    Fixed an issue where the authenticated subject was not made
    available to JmsUserIdentityResolver if authentication is done
    via the stomp.jms authentication.realm service property.

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