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HOTFIX - Kaazing WebSocket Gateway 4.0.9 JMS Edition Hotfix 06 Available For Download Now

Download Kaazing WebSocket Gateway 4.0.9 JMS Edition Hotfix 06 here.

Closed Issues in 4.0.9.x-hotfix06

  Defect ID: kaazing/tickets#118
    Fixed an issue in cluster balancer service which prevented
    servers to properly bind and unbind from the service.

  Defect ID: kaazing/tickets#151
    Fixed an out of memory issue on gateway server.

  Defect ID: kaazing/tickets#109
    Fixed StompMessageEncoder to avoid mutating the message

  Defect ID: kaazing/tickets#116
    Log contains exception stack messages "Early termination
    of IO session" and "Network connectivity has been lost"

  Defect ID: kaazing/tickets#144
    Added a flag in the WebSocket JavaScript client named
    KAAZING_INTERNAL_DISABLE_BLOB in order to disable Kaazing's
    Blob implementation when necessary.

  Defect ID: kaazing/tickets#103
    Fixed an issue where durable subscriber clients fail to get
    messages after varying lengths of time.

  Defect ID: kaazing/tickets#81
    Fixed an issue where the authenticated subject was not made
    available to JmsUserIdentityResolver if authentication is done
    via the stomp.jms authentication.realm service property.

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